People of colour on Youtube you need to watch


Check out Geeks of Color for more.

Social justice

  • Kat Blaque is a children’s illustrator, activist, and queen of true tea. She makes incredibly topical, informative, well-researched videos as well as more informal advice, and vlogs. Looking to jump in? I recommend her video on Lady Gaga’s superbowl performance.
  • Franchesca Leigh is an activist, podcaster, and co-host of MTV’s decoded.
  • Morgan Howard is a documentarian that specialises in Native American cultures and histories.
  • Sensei Aishitemasu (aka Seren), previously mentioned in my Lemonade reader makes free-form vlogs, reviews, and opinion pieces.
  • Marinashutup is a bisexual woman of colour that covers a wide range of topics, including the LGBT+ community, menstruation, and her love for Kristen Stewart.
  • Angryhijabi is a young Muslim woman with a healthy hatred for Trump. She was interviewed by PogieJoe to discuss misconceptions about Muslims. She’s also on Facebook!
  • Philogynoir is dedicated to uplifting fellow black women.


Comedy, vlogs and life

  • Sitting pretty Lolo is a black physically disabled woman that documents her life. Also – need a wheelchair review? She’s got you.
  • TheThirdPew is an Ethiopian-American vlogger and comic.
  • Akilah, Obviously! features great sketches, and regularly reminds us of the hellscape that is Trump’s America.
  • Ari Fitz is a black lesbian model, and uploads vlogs every single day.
  • Rian Phin does relaxed vlogs, GRWMs, and occasional review.
  • Black Netizen does “pop culture discussions, including k-pop, wellness, and internet culture, from a black perspective.”
  • Domo and Chrissy are a lesbian couple with a newborn son (congratulations!!!) that document their lives on Youtube.
  • Miles Jai vlogs, does comedy sketches, and unboxings, and videos on K-pop.


  • April Bee does tutorials on natural hair, and also does the most amazing furniture makeovers!
  • treshaja regularly uploads affordable furniture DIYs.

A final special thank you to these blogs that put me onto some of these youtubers!

Native News


Edit 25/05/17: I’ve decided I’ll intermittently add Youtubers of colour whose content I enjoy so this article can remain current! 


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