Samorost 3 Review

Samorost 3 (2016), created by Aminata Design, is an indie point and click puzzle game available on Mac and PC.

You start the game on this little space gnome’s home planet, and find a magical horn that lets you communicate with the people and things around you. After building a small spaceship out of parts scattered around your neighbourhood, you set off on a grand adventure across the galaxy.

Unfortunately, the dog doesn’t come with you

In interests of full disclosure, I’m a teensy bit biased. I LOVED this game.

The artwork and level of detail is gorgeous, the soundtrack is beautiful, and I just loved following this little space gnome on an adventure to save the galaxy.



One more? Ok, last one.

What was a bit confusing for me was that there are some puzzles where I couldn’t see how you would be able to solve it without looking at the hint guide. Perhaps this is a deliberate move from Aminata’s stricter one-hint per level policy in Machinarium?

The game is wordless, allowing it to be enjoyed by people speaking many different languages, and those with dyslexia.

And while I enjoyed this game, there is some colourism and anti-Asian racism. The villain’s skin gets darker and his eyes become longer and more slanted to show his progression into evil – ironic given that he and the other horn-players seem to be modelled after Buddhist monks.



At $20, this is relatively pricey for the amount of play time you get. It took me about 5 hours to finish the entire game, and perhaps a couple more if you want to thoroughly explore and get all the achievements. But I think it’s absolutely worth the cost, especially considering the effort put into the game and its quality.

However, I absolutely would recommend getting this game – if the price puts you off, try a free trial on Steam to see whether that changes your mind.

Happy exploring!






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